Ocean and Sea

Textile dividers to create a changeable and a healthy physical environment for the patient
This project aims to have a clear humanistic approach meaning that the patient’s wellbeing was the starting point of the design development. By working with the aesthetics of the environment the hospital indirectly shows their patients that their total wellbeing is of importance. The project focuses on hospitals that have a patient centred ideology and structure.The final product is a conceptual solution for knitted textiles dividers that aims to create a more changeable and a healthier physical environment for the patient. The knitted screens are for use in windows in patient and treatment rooms, dividing the outdoors from indoors. The purpose with the product is to counteract the view from the street or from rooms in other buildings so that the patient will feel more secure. The second aspect that the textile divider aims to improve is the situation of a static environment for the patient. During the day and night the textile changes from one white panel and one coloured one to two coloured once, to one that glows in the dark. The design has different expressions due to the different tints of the colour depending on the amount of sun on the window, giving the design an interacting variable parameter.

Link to file at Borås University.