Chromatic Chlorophyll

This project aims to look at how smart Textiles can change today’s view and use of interiors in healthcare environment. This is done using conceptual examples of the usability of photochromics and thermochromics functioning as an information bridge for more isolated patients. The thesis has a practical experimental approach and points out some of the chromatic material’s possibilities in relation to the current research of the two chromatic materials.The thesis discusses the relationship between healing environment and the importance of aesthetics, with a purpose to meet the Emotional and social needs of feeling “alive”, “well” and “included”. Research indicates that nature has a calming affect on patients, therefore flowers and leaves have been an inspiration for the expression of the textiles. The colour change creates a subtle communicative bridge between patient and movement in the hospital, “the Rhythm of the House”, and the outdoor, “the Rhythm of the Sun”.The conceptual proposal presents a design solution where the colour changeability represents a communicative level, as well as a decorative and a dynamic level. The textile samples communicate the visual and hepatic expression, as well as the integration of the electronics. The scenario for the thesis is set to the 2015-20, by which time Smart Textiles would be developed to be used as interior textile products for the healthcare environment.

Link to file at Borås University.