Love to the World

Thought I would spread some earthly love this Valentines Day with this heart-shaped globe – it makes love reach through all countries 😉 So to everyone out there, lots of love.

And if anyone wants to make a ‘lovely’ globe, here is the how-to.

How to make the bowls:

The heart-shaped earth, with extra love to go around, is made from an old Atlas using papier mâché.

  1. Blow up a heart-shaped balloon, as large as you would like your heart-shaped earth.
  2. Tear pages from on old Atlas, with maps from around, into small pieces (I bought my atlas in a charity shop. No one else wanted it.). Don’t make the pieces to big; it might make it hard to create a more even result. Larger paper pieces tend to crinkle when wrapped around the shape of the balloon.
  3. Mix the glue with a bit of water, so the glue’s not too thick. Dip the small pieces from the Atlas in the glue.
  4. Add a layer of glue over the piece as well, after you have stuck it to the balloon, so it is flattened out properly. I normally use a brush, dipped in the diluted glue, to paint over the paper pieces when applied to the balloon, to make sure that they lay evenly onto the surface of the balloon, and that all corners of the piece are properly attached to the balloon.
  5. Continue to lay the next piece of paper by overlapping the neighboring already glued pieces. This helps with the stability of the construction.
  6. Work around the the balloon, but save an opening around the end of the balloon where you tied it together, so you can get the balloon out after the papier mâché has dried.
  7. Its good to cover the surface with at least two to three layers of pieces of paper, so the final shape becomes sturdy enough. The more layers, the better stability.
  8. Hang up to dry. You will know when it’s dry when it’s not sticky anymore and the papier mâché is also much lighter when all the glue has dried.
  9. Pop the balloon and remove it. You might have to peel of parts of the balloon by hand.
  10. Add another couple of pieces of paper with glue onto to also cover the hole with papier mâché.
  11. And there you are. Your very own heart-shaped Valentine earth.

Good Luck and Enjoy!