Yoga World skriver om Mitt yogaliv


SORT TACK till Veronica Jäderlund och tidningen Yoga World för inlägget idag om mitt och Nellie Rolfs project Mitt yogaliv. Jätte kul att ni ville skriva om oss. Veronicas härliga yoga blog “Tala Ohm Yoga” och inlägget om oss hittar ni här. THANKS to Veronica Jäderlund and teh magazine Yoga World for writing about mine and Nellie Rolf’s project Mitt yogaliv Enjoy!

Liv and Mitt Yogaliv


  House of Helmi proudly presents  the start of ‘Liv’ and the project ‘Mitt Yogaliv’ A collaborative projects between me –  Marie Ledendal – ‪and Nellie Rolf‬ at Min vardagshälsa 🙂 Hope you will like it. This project started due to our common love for yoga but also from being parents to little ones, trying to fit it all together. Nellie is an energy boost of …

Support Breast Cancer Research

Support Breast Cancer Research_by_Marie Ledendal_House of Helmi   It’s the 1st of October – International Breast Cancer Day. The start of a Pink month of awareness. 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in their life. Too many have had to fight it, are fighting it or know someone close to them who has fought it. Many women are at risk – ourselves, our …

Parenting Uncut – a new cartoon blog

A new cartoon blog by Marie Ledendal, about how my partner and I realized life would never be the same again after having a baby… Parenting Uncut is a website dedicated to life’s small moments of wonder when one is a parent. The cartoons are inspired from our daily lives and give an idea as to how everything changed since we had our daughter. …